About us


Our Vision

To be the preferred mortgage institution
providing reliable and affordable access to homeownership
for Nigerians

Our Mission

To drive delivery of accessible
and affordable homeownership by providing sustainable liquidity,
innovative products and services, and excellent customer service.



Ensure honesty in all we do and demonstrate strong moral principles and ethical convictions.


Uphold high level objectivity, mutual respect, ethical standards and appropriate cultural mannerisms.


Employee are dedicated to their work and take full responsibility for own activities. Honour our commitments to our stakeholders (customers, employee, shareholders and community).

Customer Centricity

Ensure we accurately identify our customers' needs and desire so that we strive to meet and exceed their expectations by delivering value.

Team Work

Committed to teamwork environment where every employee is a valued member, treated with respect, encourage to contribute and recognise and rewarded for their effort.


As spelt out in our ENABLING ACT and other related legislations, FMBN functions include to:

  •     Provide long-term credit facilities to mortgage institutions in Nigeria.
  •     Encourage the emergence and promote the growth of viable primary and secondary mortgage institutions to service the need of housing delivery in all parts of Nigeria.
  •     Mobilizing both domestic and offshore funds into the housing sector.
  •     Link the capital market with the housing industry.
  •     Establish and operate a viable secondary mortgage market.
  •     Collect and administer the National Housing Fund in accordance with the provisions of the NHF Act.
  •     Do anything and enter into any transaction which in the opinion of the Board is necessary to ensure the proper performance of its functions under the FMBN Act.


Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) was established in 1956, known then as the Nigerian Building Society (NBS), a joint venture of the Commonwealth Development Corporation and the Federal and Eastern Governments of Nigeria. Following the introduction of the Indigenization Policy, the Federal Government, by Indigenization Act [1973], acquired the NBS and consequently renamed it the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN)...READ MORE